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Active Duty’s Richard Buldger, Ryan Jordan & Quentin Gainz

Active Duty Richard Buldger, Ryan Jordan & Quentin Gainz

It’s three of AD’s finest, at your service! We have a new recruit (who I already love), Richard Buldger, along with two monumental veterans, Ryan Jordan and Quentin Gainz. Right from the get-go, these are three peas in a pod. As soon as they’re naked, which happens real quick, Ryan repositions himself to the middle so he can get both Quentin and Richard’s cocks in his hands at once haha! I told you this boy was a fiend!Ryan stands up on the bed and slides his hard cock into Richard’s mouth and Quentin gets busy servicing Richard’s thick dick. From there, the guys relax a bit, getting into an incredibly hot three-way suck positon. Quentin tastes Ryan, Ryan slurps Richard, and of course Richard continues to impress while enjoying Quentin’s stiffie. Then Quentin decides he wants to prep Ryan’s ass for the pounding it’s gonna take soon. He gets behind him and licks all around his tight hole while Ryan bobs up and down vigorously on Richard’s swollen dong. Quentin takes his time pushing his fat dick into Ryan’s ass. Claude gets low and tight to show us. Once he gets in past the gate, he’s off and galloping like a Clydesdale. Then the guys switch it up so Richard can have a go at that amazing ass on Ryan. Quentin moves around to Ryan’s face and Ryan goes to his back to offer Richard his hole. Wow, Richard is certainly a powerful top! Finally, the guys all blow their juicy loads in an incredible culmination. Congrats to Richard! I think it’s safe to say he’s proved himself here with two of the undoubted AD best. Thanks guys, we’ll see ya soon!

Watch the full video at: Active Duty

Joe Gunn, Geoffrey Paine and Rio Silver

Joe Gunn, Geoffrey Paine and Rio Silver

Rio enters the house in search of help, he calls but there is no reply. He hears muffled noises and walks in the dark up to the bedroom. The door is ajar and through the crack he sees the two men naked. Joe is sucking Geoffrey’s cock. He watches them for a while then decides to try his luck and joins them. The guys welcome him in the middle and Rio takes Joe’s place while Joe decides to work on Rio’s cock. They taste each other until Geoffrey wants to get them for himself and puts the guys balls to balls so he can stretch his mouth over both rods while the guys play with his ass. Geoffrey then straddles his man and feeds him again while Rio, left at the back, enjoys alternating between Joe’s cock and Geoffrey’s ass. Dicks are hard and assholes wet, so Rio pushes his cock inside Geoffrey and fucks him hard before pulling Joe’s legs up and servicing his hole too. Geoffrey knows his man and knows that one cock isn’t enough for him, so the guys move to the edge of the bed, Joe sits on Rio’s cock and Geoffrey joins him inside. They fuck him silly till Joe shoots a massive load on Rio’s chest, rolls over and lets Geoffrey unload an even bigger one on their friend while he wanks himself off.

Watch the full video at: AlphaMales

Skyy Knox, Jack Hunter and Brandon Jones

Skyy Knox, Jack Hunter and Brandon Jones

Skyy Knox has always want to take on two partners at once and Brandon Jones and Jack Hunter are ready to indulge him. From double penetration to two men filling his mouth with their cum, Skyy is ready to experience it all.

Jack takes the lead, slowly kissing Skyy before passing him to Brandon. Skyy finds himself laid out on the bed where Jack and Brandon are quick to undress him so they can taste every inch of him. Sucking his cock, Jack can’t resist rimming and fingering Skyy’s hole.

Skyy is eager to take both cocks in his mouth at once. Jack and Brandon have him on his knees, tasting both of them one at a time and then both at once. Skyy’s mouth gets both Jack and Brandon rock hard and soon they lead him back to the bed where they can taste his cock and hole before bending him over.

Jack enters Skyy while Brandon slides his massive cock deep inside Jack until all three are moaning with pleasure. With Skyy ready for his double penetration, he straddles Jack while Brandon takes him from behind. Filled with two rock hard cocks, Skyy can barely contain himself as he takes both cocks deeply, but he wants more control.

As Jack and Brandon lie back on the bed, Skyy slides his hole over both cocks, riding them as they thrust back and fill him completely. Flipping him over, Jack enters Skyy while Brandon strokes his cock over Skyy’s face. Skyy writhes in pleasure and cums all over his own stomach which only turns on Brandon and Jack more. The pair stroke their cocks over Skyy’s face until they both blow their loads into his open mouth, fulfilling Skyy’s ultimate fantasy.

Watch the full video at Cockyboys

Griffin’s Request with Griffin Barrows & Ashton McKay

Ashton McKay is the perfect fit, plunging his rock-hard penis into Griffin Barrows cute ass. Griffin embraces Ashton’s cock, using his tight hole to work that dick to the point of explosion.

Griffin's Request with Griffin Barrows & Ashton McKay

Watch the full video at:

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